Alphonse Green


Name: Alphonse Green
Age: 28
Occupation: Accountant
Spouse: Michelle Green
Children: 1 on the way
Mother: Keysha Marshall
Father: Darius Marshall (Deceased)
Step Father: Ahman Green
Siblings: Trayvon Marshall (36), Aaliyah Green (19), Chelsea Green (19)
Grandmother: Lena Horne

Alphonse grew up living with his gang-affiliated father Darius Marshall, and abusive mother Keysha Marshall. Darius was killed when Alphonse was 7 years old. His brother Trayvon followed in the footsteps of Darius and has not been around much since their father’s death. Keysha soon met Ahman Green and they had twin daughters Aaliyah and Chelsea. It didn’t take long for Ahman to realize that Keysha was a horrible person, but he was a good man and stayed for the kids. Alphonse really liked Ahman and saw him as his father. He chose to take the last name Green. Alphonse’s grandmother Lena Horne was also in the picture. She used to constantly check up on her daughter Keysha and make sure the kids were ok, but in her old age, she hasn’t been able to leave the house much.

From age 7-18, Alphonse was always getting into fights. He took after Ahman and tried to stand up for the kids getting bullied and picked on, so he taught him how to fight. He stayed in school and went on to get a job as an accountant, but his passion was always boxing and martial arts. He joined various gyms, dojos, and kunes to get all the knowledge he could to develop his fighting skills. He was very talented, but was still waiting for his breakthrough onto the scene…

Alphonse Green

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