Take It On The Lam

So It Begins

The First Encounter

Log Entry 1

It happened tonight. I was really hoping my suspicions would be wrong this time, but I know better. I felt it coming ever since I arrived here. Like seeing a storm coming in from the distance, I knew it was only a matter of time before the enemy would make his first move.

The event took place after tonight’s fighting match. Five men disguised as janitors performed some type of ritual with blood. I tried my best to stop it. Unfortunately, there were bystanders that got in the way, two boxers and a reporter to be exact. There are always bystanders…but the good news is this time only the five cultists were killed. The bad news is the cultists were able to complete the ritual before their timely deaths. And on top of that, instead of answers I have only more questions. What type of ritual was it exactly? What did the ritual do? What comes next? Hopefully once I can determine the origin of the symbol used it can help point me in the right direction.

Until, then all I can do is play the waiting game…


Hopefully there are clues so you find out before it is too late.

So It Begins

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